Lots of stuffs to do.

I have shifted more stuffs to my new house and pack those stuffs that I have shifted. I realise that I got a lot of junk and it will be nice if I can sell them in ebay or Yahoo auction when I sit at home after I get married. However, my hubby keeps complaining that I got too much stuffs.

I have also brought my wedding stickers, they are for sticking to tubs, bowls, doors, oranges, whatever. My mum reminded me that I will have to get my own suitcase which I have to put some of my clothing inside and after Gou Da Li, shift my clothing in my new suitcase to my new house. I am too lazy to go out and buy one, besides that, I have to remember to buy my bed, my bedsheet, paint my master bedroom, buy the curtains rods and install them, sew my curtains, etc.

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