Trial Makeup

I went for my trial makeup today. I think I look ok with my full makeup, hairdo, accessories and my wedding gown. Actually, I caught my sister, who went with me today, looking shock when I put on my wedding gown. I loved that effect, but I still think I look ok only. I guess I am just not confident with myself.

My makeup artist wanted me to get the flower you see above for my hairdo on my actual day. I have email the picture to my ex-colleague who will be in-charge of my flowers.

I have nothing else to do for my wedding gown. All I need to do is wait for my hubby to tell me when is he free to go down to pick up my wedding gown.

I am left with two weeks two days to my actual day and the amazing thing is that I still have not see my evening gown yet. Surprisingly, I have not freak out yet.

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