Second Fitting (Wedding gown)

I went for my second fitting yesterday. My wedding gown fitted on me so nicely and I was quite happy with my designer. I brought my white tea dress to show my designer and she gives me a big white flowers with some beadings to go with it. I think my wedding gown designer is so nice.

I have not hear from my evening gown designer yet. He has promised to fax me my evening design last week and I have not seen it yet. He is really making me very nervous. I have tried to call them in the morning and it seems like they were not open yet. I have to remember to call them again in the afternoon.

Oh yes, somebody commented in Blog Explosion on why I call my hubby "hubby" since we were not married yet. We have actually registered our marriage three years ago so in the eyes of law, we are husband and wife. We are actually going through our preparation of our customary wedding.

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