Psycharistrist? His answer is NO!

I went for my evening gown measurement and my wedding gown fitting today. I can see my wedding gown getting very pretty each time I went and I am so happy to see things are ready.

My hubby called me during my evening gown session and asked me to accompany him to see a doctor. He complains of a terrible headache and we went to the hospital after my wedding gown fitting. We waited soooooo long in the hospital and the doctor gives my hubby a pill and make him wait at the reception for one hour to see if there is any reaction.

My hubby told me that the pill was a mind relaxator and if any vomitting or faint occur, then he will have to be ward in. The doctor checked him and realise that there was nothing wrong with him. After 3 hours of waiting, we finally get ourself out of the hospital and finally go for our dinner.

While we were in the hopsital, I asked my hubby if I can go in with him to see the doctor. He asked me why I wanted to do that. I told him that I wanted to make sure that he answer all doctor questions correctly. My hubby gives me a weird face. I give him an example, if the doctor asked if he ever thinks of taking his own life, I will have to make sure he answered "yes".

My hubby look at me with his weird face again,"No I did not think of taking my own life".

"Oh yes, you did", I quickly said,"You just told me that last night."

"No, I told you I am having a headache and I feel like dying", he tried to explain.

"Then why do you sms me your POSB pin number and remind me of your insurance?" I question him.

"That was because just in case I really dies", he answered.

Then he asked me:"You think I am suffering from depression?"

I said:"yes".

He looked at me and laughed, then he did not said anything.

I asked him again:"How about you go and see a psycharistrist?"

He answered:"No!".

"How about I go with you to see a psycharistrist?", I asked again.

He answered:"No!".

"How about I pay for the fees to see a psycharistrist?", I asked again.

He answered:"No!".

I think I am giving up. I have to just pray hard that he do not call me in the middle of the night and talk about his death and his insurance.

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