Complete writing my wedding cards.

I have finally finish writing all my invitation cards. Now I am waiting to meet my friends and hand deliver to them. I meet my friends very often especially near Christmas, I dun have to bother the postman.

If my hubby has not called and said that he is getting the invitations cards from me tomorrow, I guess I will still sit on my wedding cards. He said that some of his friends need our wedding cards to take leave. One of his friend job require him to travel a lot and he need our invitation cards to tell his boss that he cannot travel around that time. This is the first time I heard of such reasons.

My hubby called me today and said that by this week we must get our bed. I told him that I got another facial session this Saturday and he said that we will have to shop for our bed during the weekdays. I guess my mother in-law is pressurizing him.

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