We went to look for our bed again

It was so tiring. We cannot decide on what type. We cannot decide on how to decorate the room so that it look decent. I think we almost quarrel just like what we did when we first renovate our house. Except that this time, both of us were tired.

We went to Harvey Norman and saw some surprisingly cheap bed. There were a few of them that look quite nice but the headboard was a bit too high. On our way back, we went to Picker and Rail and we found a $599 bed that comes with a matress. It got a bit of country look but looking at the price, I think I can accept the look of it. Then we went to courts and found a platform bed that cost $549.

We have previously agreed that we will not buy a platform bed because my hubby finds it a bit too low. However we saw a lot of platform bed that I like and I think my hubby can see that I like too. He also prefer a king size bed but having measured our bedroom, we find that a king size bed was not feasible at all. At one point, my hubby wanted a diva set bed but I find it too bulky. I also do not like the leather look in my bedroom. I really dunno what we wanted.

Anyway, my hubby tell me to make the decision. He also asked me to buy the bed myself. I felt kind of sad because I thought we are suppose to do this kind of things together. However, whenever we discuss our house, we always ended up sulking at each other.

While he was driving me back, he told me that instead of painting the wall behind green, I can put up a green curtain. After a while, he told me that a green curtain is going to be very ugly. He continue to tell me that he is sick of seeing all the green in the house. He complains about our feature wall being green with the grey boxes on the wall collecting all the dust. He complain about our green bedroom door and he feel sick when he saw the white door frame that goes with the green door. Then he continue to whined about the house being dirty here and there. I was thinking that if he do not make the effort to clean up the house, it will be dirty. Then he continue to comment that our house is very difficult to maintain. The true fact is that our house is very empty, there was almost nothing to clean, but if you do not clean the window and the top of the table, of course things will be dirty. I did not tell him all this, I do not want to start a quarrel.

While I was typing all these, I realise that my hubby was really negative about everything. He was always complaining about me, about the house, about his mum and about his relative. I think I am going to have a hard life when I moved in. I am now still a happy go lucky girl but sometime I feel really sad when I was with him. I think I need something to keep myself sane.

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