Death near my wedding

Two more persons were not be coming to my wedding. My mother's sister's mother in-law die two months ago and my mother's sister family cannot come to my wedding. I dunno where this "law" came about and because her family cannot come, I have got half a table empty now.

This week, one of my hubby's uncle died. We got four tables of relatives not coming to our wedding suddenly. We are now having problem invitating people to our wedding. I got so much empty tables. This is one of the problem you will face if you decide to hold a wedding dinner.

My ikea furniture will be coming tomorrow and I am very eager to see them coming too.


Anonymous said...

People have deaths in their families, and your concern is your wedding dinner table seating chart? This has got to be one of the most sel-centered posts on one of the most sel-centered blogs I have ever seen.

I Whined said...

Well, I am sorry that someone died. But my wedding still got to go on and there is really some problems with my guest arrangement with a suddenly four tables of guest missing. I am really sorry someone died but can't I even post that I got table arrangement problems? Does posting that I got table arrangement make me a self-center person? How about posting about my flowers problems, my cakes problems, my gowns problems?

I am not going to explain the customary "rules" here but frankly speaking I just find some stupid. If you dun know the story well, please do not say that I am self-center.