I have went to ikea by myself today and has brought 2 glass wall mounted shelves, all the curtains rods for the whole house, our bed, 2 bed side table, sofa & 6 foldable chairs. I have spend $2000++ including installation and delivery.

I have chosen a white bed with 2 white side table for our master bedroom. I dun see any other colour that is pleasing to my eyes althought our white bed might not look good when it is old. I am going to shop for my pretty bedsheet which I think I will be more excited than shopping for my bed.

I find ikea curtains a bit expensive and ended up did not get any. I think I will still make my own curtains althought I have no ideas how our bedroom is going to look like. My hubby can be difficult to please. I just hope that whatever I have choosen today, he will not complain later. It is a bit tiring to shop on my own. If things were for myself only, I will not have feel so stress.

I am thinking of a pretty pink girlish bed sheet now. I hope my hubby will agree.


pri said...

I didn't know Ikea had delivery and installation services. I would have probably used them instead of having the car full of furniture sometimes.

I Whined said...

Oh yes, they do have. However they charge a $40 for delivery unless you brought more than $1500. For installation, they charge 5% for the product. For wall drilling, it will be $5/per hole for the first five holes and $3/per hole for the rest of the holes.

For ikea curtain rods, it was a different company to install the rods. They charged me $30 per trip, $5/per hole for the first five hole and $3/hole for the rest. I ended up having to spend $136 for the curtain rods installation which I think it cost more than the curtain rods itself.