Evening gown

Just to inform everybody here. I finally saw my evening gown today! I went for my first fitting today and Tan Yoong said I can collect it next week. Muahahaha, my wedding is one week and 3 days from today.

I have brought my matress and I am still left with a comforter, quilt cover, bed sheets and two pillows. My mum still need to buy two table lamps, baby tubs, pails for me. I still need to finish making my living room curtains and hopefully my bedroom curtains, clean up my cat's paws prints on my living room.

I think I am on schedule except for the curtains part. I hope my curtains will turn out nice.


letti said...

hi! I'm from malaysia but in the US, yes, marrying an ang moh, and my wedding will be in June. Just to let you know i have bookmarked your site as a reference! :)


p/s Congratulations!!!!

I Whined said...

Thanks for visiting my blog, hope that it is useful to you. Where are you holding your wedding? If you have a wedding blog, do let me know, I will love to read yours.

Anonymous said...

hi it's letti again..

the wedding is in June in Texas..will be flying my family over for the celebration..maybe i'll think about a wedding blog, but just my regular blog alone is getting me addicted..*laugh*