Ang Bow Money

I was stressed out again this afternoon.

I told my mum that I will be giving her the ang bow from those 5 tables she requested instead of writing them a cheque. My sister disagreed and said that nobody do that.

My mum asked me to seek advices from my sister since she is married two years ago. My sister kept saying that it is only right that we give a sum to my parents in the mode of cash or cheque not ang bows. I explained that it does not really matter because the money will still come from the ang bow collect from those 5 tables of guest. She continue to say that there will be people that do not write their names on those angbow and so how are we going to know who are the people.

I dun think that we are having a proper discussion with my sister. She is telling me what to do instead of discussing it with me. She is not even looking at the pro and cons from both sides and just because she has not heard or seen anybody giving angbows she said that nobody do it like that. For the whole afternoon, I was really piss off. I almost ran out of the house.

I have a discussion with my hubby. Sometime, I think my hubby is really good in anlysis stuffs. He agreed that we should give the ang bows back to my parents instead of writing a cheque. The reason is that we do not know how much to write. What if the cheque we give is too little? If we give my parents the unopen angbows from those 5 tables and it turn out to be very little, then my parents cannot anything.

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