My mum nagged at me whole day today.

After nagging for the whole morning and half of the afternoon, I manage to drag myself and my mum out to Orchard to get my things. I have brought the quilt cover, bed sheets and comforter at last.

I have make my hubby pick us up at Taka and drove us to Ang Mo Kio where we get our bedside table lamp. I will try to post the pictures of these stuffs when I remember, I hope I remember.

My mum nagged at me again because I have just brought one set of bedsheet instead of two. I told her that the second one will come later. I am so tired today.

My hubby nagged at me too. He complained that I got too much things. I think the reasons why he complained is because I have made him transported some of my stuffs over to our new house. He was complaining and complaining non-stop until I have decided that I will move my things myself. Sometimes, it is always easiler to do things yourself than to wait for somebody to do it for you. My hubby always complained that he get a headache when he moves my stuffs and my mum always nagged at me when I do not move my stuffs. I am caught in-between.

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