Ways of doing up your hair

Somebody in a wedding forum site introduced this site to me. It has lot of ways you can do up your hair to match your gown. I am not a hair person and I guess I just have to leave my hair with my make-up artist and pray hard that it turns out nice.

My mum and my sis are already shopping for their clothes to wear on my wedding day and my own designers have not call me yet. I went shopping with my mum and sis today and realised that there were a lot of layers gown all over the place. I guess my evening gown design is begining to appear everywhere. I was thinking, should I change the design of my evening gown? I know I will not like it if I saw one of my guest wearing a layered dress.

I kind of regreted signing up with Tan Yoong as till today, I still find him a bit too expensive. I should really have went down to AC first and if I cannot find a gown that I like then I sign him on. I kept trying to tell myself that since I have signed up with him, why not enjoy the "high class" gown on the wedding day and stopped thinking about the money spend. Anyway, you are going to sell your evening gown after your wedding.

I did not find anybody selling any evening gown that is costing $1000 and above. I dunno if it is a good idea to post my evening gown on ebay or yahoo. Maybe I should give them each a chance before selling my evening gown in the forum. I was wondering if I price it at $1300, will anybody buy it from me. I really hope to get the money back.

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