Gou Da Li

My hubby just called. I asked him if I can go to my new house tomorrow. He plaused and think. I scolded him immediately:" Hey that is my house leh, and I got pay for it also leh! You still plause and think if I can go?"

He immediately said of course I can.

You see, his friends loves to go to our house for manjong session and his brother will bring his friend to our house for manjong session too. One good thing about my new house is that I am not there and there are no "adults" there to disturb them or feel embarrass about.

Anyway, I reminded him that it is time that we get our bed. He said "yah" and asked me to call the furniture shop and said if the bed is in store a not. We have previously saw a bed and we liked but do not have the colour that we wanted and they said that the white colour will arrive in a month time.

Then he go on and tell me that his mum is going to get the "gou da li" stuffs. He also asked me how many "pig leg can" that my mum wants. I told him that his mum should ask my mum during the food tasting. He then said that his mum is going to buy those stuffs on Monday.

I told him that I am not eating expire pig legs. Come on, my wedding is 1 month, dunno how many weeks and she is going to get the "pig leg can" now? *fainted*

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