Allure Charix again

I went down to Allure Charix again today but this time with my hubby. I guess he can feel I am quite stress over the preparation. However, I did not tell him what happen in details about Tan Yoong.

I tried that piece of gown which I felt ok the other day. Well, my hubby dun really like it. He said that I look very mature in it. He also said that I will look much better in a plain simple one. I guess I can really asked Tan Yoong to design something that is plain and simple. If I have know that my hubby want plain and simple, I will not have approach Tan Yoong. There is no communication between us.

Well, I have tried a few pieces at Allure Charix, some of them were picked by my hubby. There is really not one that I am suitable in except that I realise that I am suitable in low back cutting, I need a collar for my neck and my hubby prefer something simple.

Now I am wondering what is he going to say when he see me in my wedding gown. I hope that he will not say anything.

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