My friend's wedding is my nightmare.

A week before she wedded, I fell sick, fever on tuesday & wednesday, headache on Thursday and a running nose today. Tomorrow I am going to go to her house as early as 7am, helping her to take video of the actual event. At around 1:30pm, I have to go down to the restaurant to decorate her staircase before I can go home.

My other friend, L, called me just now. She asked me if I am willing to be her flower girl during the match in. She told me that I will have to match in with her, in front and throw the flowers petals on the ground. I said that I am 170cm tall wearing a two inch high shoe. She will be totally cover up if I will to walk in front of her. So our conclusion is that we will asked her to drop the idea.

My friend, Y, that is going to be the bride this sat also sms me if I can help her with the burning of her CD songs. I am not sure if my dad computer is working a not so I give all kind of excuse. L called me and mentioned about this. I explained to her. I felt very bad not helping her but the stress of helping her is too much for me to bear. What if I cannot produce the music she wants for her tomorrow wedding?

I am so tired now, I wished I can go home and sleep now.

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