Blog Explosion Surfer, I need your HELP!

I got a problem here. Today, I went to see my evening gown designer. He was 15 mintues late for the appointment and I realise that his attitude has changed.

We have previously agreed that my evening gown is going to be layers, but recently I saw so many causal clothing in layers, department store selling layering gowns, person wearing layers clothing on TV and magazine. I want my evening gown to be different. I dun want my guest to wear something similar to my evening gown.

So I called my designer up and make an appointment today. He did not called me up as promise and I cannot wait.

He showed me three scheme of the design he has worked on, two of them are with layers. I told him straight that I am not interested in the layering concept anymore and I wanted him to come out with something else. All these while when I am talking, he was playing with his pins.

He told me that his layering designs were different from what outside is selling. I thought him that I knew that but I just dun want anything similar. When he is talking to me, he was not even looking at me.

I study the three schemes and asked a few question on them. He told me what those scribbles was in designer terms which I got no idea what was that and how it look like. I asked if he got anything like this in his shop and he told me a straight no. He was playing with his pins all this while.

I told him that I got no idea how I will look like in his scribbles, I cannot visualise at all. I pointed to the scheme A design and asked him if I will look good in it. It was a V shape necklines and I know I dun look good in causal wear that has a V neckline. He told me straight that if it is not nice he will not have design it, and he is still playing with his pins.

I told him that I cannot make a decision now and I requested another appointment next week. He has set to see me again on the coming Wednesday and I got to make a firm decision on what I want. As I am leaving the shop, he is still playing with his pins.

Oh yeah, you may asked why I have signed him up when his attitude was so bad. Well, it was not like this when I first meet him. He was a very nice guy at that time and let me try three of his signature gowns. The second time when I visited him to sign up for the evening gown, he was very pleasant too. The worest of all is that there were no bad comments on several forum about him. Everybody said that he was such a nice guy.

Another problem was that I have set for myself a $2000 budget to get a killer gown. When I first visited the designer, I asked him how much was that layered gown and he told me it was $2000. On the second visit, when I signed up with him, I asked him again and he told me it was $2300. I asked him why the increase and he said there was not increase and it has always been like that. I told my ears will playing games with me so I did not bother. I told myself that my wedding is going to be once a lifetime so I dun mind the $300 increase.

Today, what he show me is: scheme A=$2500, scheme B=$2900, scheme C=$2500. For one thing I am sure, I am not going to spend this kind of money on a evening gown (not even a wedding gown in the first place) that I am going to wear for just 2 hours.

Now I need some advise on this. Should I
a) Continue with this designer. Everybody has their bad hair day. You have not been tactful when you told him that you dun want the layer concept. A wedding is once in a lifetime, go ahead to get that killer gown. You have paid a deposit of $1128.

b) Continue with this designer but let him know your budget. You might not get a killer gown but a plain gown instead.

c) Fired him and forget about a killer gown. Look for an off the rack evening gown elsewhere. Your deposit of $1128 will be forfited but you might not be spending as much as $2500. However, you might not find your evening gown in such a short time.

Thank you for reading all this and I really need your view on this. I am so sad when I walked out of his shop. Thank you very much.


jenny said...

This blogexplosioner Says "B"!

spacemonkey said...

Stop playing idiot and get things in writing from your designer from this point on. I'm giving you option 'D'.

D) Tell him you want to get what was originally asked for at the price they originally said or you will get your $1128 deposit back one way or another, either in cash or from him in lost revenue by bad word of mouth. Make and bring a sign that says 'don't used this designer, he's wrecking my wedding' and start carrying it around if he fails to be agreeable.

Michael Leahy said...

That's an awful lot of money to pay for something you wear once. I'm married and have been through the process, and I can't help feeling couples get entirely fleeced by everyone. Go for a cheaper option and stay longer on your honeymoon, or put a down-payment on a house (OK, maybe $500 won't help much there). Anyway, you asked for an opinion, and that is it: trim the expenses!

suki said...

I agree with spacemonkey on this one :D