Meeting with my evening gown designer

I went to see my evening gown designer yesterday. Our appointment was 5:30pm.

Before I actually reached there, I remind my hubby of the appointment. He called me later and told me that he has got a meeting at 5pm. I was so disappointed but I hide it anyway. He said he will tried to rush down.

By 5:30pm, my hubby was still not around. I decided to see my designer alone. I walked up to his shop and there was around three customers in his tiny shop. There was almost no space for me to walk in. I open the door and it seems that my designer was surprise to see me. He asked me if he was suppose to show me anything. I told him that I was suppose to confirm the design of my evening gown. He looked around and asked if I can give him another half an hour. I happily agreed hoping that my hubby will turn up half an hour later.

While waiting for my hubby arrival, my hubby actually called me half an hour later. He was an hour late for the appointment. We went back to my designer shop at around 7:15, this time there were four customers inside. I managed to squeeze myself inside the shop. My designer assistance was not in too. By the time my designer has finish with one of the customer, he quickly attended to me first. We have a nice short 5 mintue discussion and off we go.

I must said that this short meeting was a pleasant one although the timing was screw up. It is good to bring a friend then to meet a designer alone.

After our appointment, my hubby drive me to meet the tailor that do his suit. Well, his mockup for his suit was ready and he tried it on while the tailor fuss over the details. We stay in his tiny shop for a whole hour before we go for our dinner.

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