My hubby mood swing

He was all right yesterday, he was all right today until when we were on our way to dinner with his parent. There is something wrong with his car which something it feels like dying it engine, but this has been occuring quite often.

His car feels like dying it engine again. This time, he bang his hand so hard on the steering wheel that my heart beat stop for a second. Then his face turns black all the way through the dinner. My face was black too. I hate to remind myself that I got to marry this man with sudden mood swing in another 1 months, 2 weeks time.

I did not talk to him since he bang his steering wheel. On the way back, he tried to talk to me. He asked me why am I so quiet.

Well, his mum asked me to ask my mum how many can of pig leg she wanted. I got to remember that. She seems to finally know which restaurant are we going to hold our wedding at. My hubby told her that there will be no roasted pig at the table and she said we will have to add that in. I hate her for saying that because in the end, we will be paying for the table, not her. How can she request stuff like that? I really dun understand mother in-law. Even her younger son said that roasted pig got high cholesterol.

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