My 2nd facial

I did my 2nd facial today. We were suppose to bo out with my mother in-law and she will buy some gold for me. However, at the last mintue, something happen and she was unable to turn up. What actually happen was another story.

My hubby do not seem to be very please with me because I have forgotten all about our wedding cards and I have not meet up with my evening gown designer yet. He has already taken his suit measurement and is meeting the same guy next Sunday. His dad has decided to make his suit with the same guy too. Everybody has already begin making their dresses for my wedding and what is the bride doing? Everybody is asking me that.

Well, I will be going to see my wedding gown designer next week and I got to remember to call my evening gown designer on Monday. I think I am going to change my evening gown design because I see layers clothing everywhere. I dun want to wear something that everybody is wearing now for my evening gown.

I have to remember to call the restaurant too and ask that guy to fax my wedding card over. I think my hubby will kill me if I dun do all this.

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