My backup

I have posted my last post at a wedding forum and asked for advise. I have receive two very good suggesting on what I should do. Below are the two replies.

"hi cat, yup, i've other advice for u...
if i were in ur shoes, firstly, i will not forfeit the $1128 deposit. It's quite a sum of money! plus u mention u may not hav time to find another EG in such a short time?

2ndly, i'll give him a benefit of a doubt that he has a bad hair day...but by the next appt on wed, i'll be firm that i do not want the layers and that my budget is only $2K; no i will not pay a cent more unless he comes up wif this super drop-dead gorgeous EG then maybe i'll consider topping up more. after all i'm a paying customer and i do deserve to hav wat i wan on my gown!

3rdly, if by wed he is still showing this kind of attitude, i'll tell him nicely that his attitude has need to be harsh to him, but something polite like: "excuse me sir, but are r u unwell or something? i dun mean to be kaypoh or wat, but when i first met u, u we're much more cheerful and helpful to me, but somehow these few days that i met up wif u, u seemed kinda distanced and uptight. if u dun feel well, we can always discuss this when u r ready". this will wake him up i guarantee.

dun worry cat, after all u hav done ur research and hav found him to be nice and reliable, i'm sure u are able to get a beautiful EG at the end. hav fun planning for ur wedding!! i dearly missed my prep days..."

Another reply:
"maybe u wait until the next appointment then see how he is?
who knows, maybe something happened to him tt day...
or he got into one of his "artist's mood swings"
although tt is not an excuse... supposed to be professional...
but maybe give a benefit of doubt this once...
besides, tt's a lot of deposit u have to forfeit... not very worth it
if he persisted with this mannerism & attitude... maybe can try wat dumbger suggested & talk to him
he should be more aware after tt... if he still continues with this nonsense then perhaps u can see if can get back ur deposit & cancel this deal...
bcos u've already make known ur dissatisfaction but he didn't change... so, he has to be changed in meantime, it won't hurt to lookout for other designers...
if things dun work out with the current, u have backup
if things work out, u can just treat it as exposing urself to diff pple's works... then will be more familiar with the styles u like better"

Well, I went to Allure Charix today and look for my backup. The service there was so good and I went on to try 5 of their gowns. They even sugguested to me how my make up should be and what type of hair do will suit the gown that I am trying on. I found my backup but it was an "ok" evening gown. It is make of two materials with full beadings and it cost only $599. I was thinking if my designer do not change his attitude on Wednesday, I will fired him and rush down to Allure Charix to get the evening gown.

I found a way to make my designer serve me properly. I can bring a friend or two and told him that they are getting married next year. In this way, he will not show his attitude. When one of my friend is getting married, she also complained about her designer having bad mood, but when I went with her, she is so nice to her.

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