I postpone my appointment with my evening gown designer

My hubby actually offer to accompany me to see Tan Yoong today, but he is having a fever now. I asked him to go and see a doctor. I will go down to see Tan Yoong today.

However, after I put down the phone, my heart dropped to my stomach. I felt so nervous going to see him alone. What if he turns out the same attitude again. I felt so helpless. I guess partly I am feeling this way is because I am suffering from PMS too. I called my hubby again.

My hubby sugguested I called to change the dates to tomorrow so that he could accompany me to discuss on my evening gown. I felt so helpless and useless. I called and the assistance said that there is an empty slot for us at the same time. I felt so relieve.

Sometimes, I really felt that I wanted my hubby to be beside me. Although I knew that I could do this by myself, I could settle the whole thing, but I still wants him to be around.

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