I have done a lot of things

Hmmm...I have printed out my actual day programme, the one you can find on your right, and pass that to my hubby for his parent's approval. I have also requested my restaurant to fax me the wedding card format and spotted two mistake on them. I have pass one copy to my hubby to get his parent's approval too. I have also give him a list of recruitment of helpers that we need, that list can be found on your right hand corner too. I have printed out the table arrangement for our side for my parent's discussion.

Yesterday, I finally called up my evening gown designer and fix an appointment with him this coming Friday. I have decided to change my design and I need him to come up with a design fast. I will have a heart attack if everything is to be done at last mintue. I got a very busy schedule in December, I have got lots of friends birthday to celebrate and there is Christmas too.

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