I have called ?? restaurant today

and got my list of restaurant to visit, hopeful tonight. My hubby is working now and he is going back to rest first because he has got a headache.

My friend helped me to call some of them and I am kind of grateful to her. I told her and another friend that I might be getting married this December. I told them that I was clueless on how to get my WG & EG. However, today I told my Y friend that I might just engage her designer to do the gown for me. She hinted to me that her hairdo was not very good. So I was thinking should I get my own make-up artist instead.

I look at The Pond website again today and was kind of not confident on my decision. We got no time for Photoshooting anyway. So I think when the day is fix, I better go down to their studio and have a look.

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