last night, my hubby called.

I forgotten what were we talking about. I remember I told him that I wanted a divorce if we are not married. I told him that I did a calculation, by the time I reach 35 I can buy my own flat. We need to be separated 3 years to divorce, so we will had to apply for separation on my 32 birthday. Since a normal wedding preparation will need a year to get it done, so by the time I reach 31 on my coming birthday, we can get prepared to divorce. After telling him all these, I slam the phone down.

This morning, he called me that tell me his mum cannot sleep last night. He has actually told her to prepare for our wedding and everybody is so excited. He also told me that her mum and some aunties will be coming down to our house this Sunday. He said that they also want us to get married on this year December.

I am now thinking if my hubby wants to get married only when I threaten divorce. Well, I am not threatening him, I was serious.

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