We went to ikea today

We went to ikea after he has dinner in my mum house. My ikea card was expiring and we could actually exchange our points for items. Today was the last day and I was thinking to let it expire since ikea is so far away. However, he ofter to go with me.

We brought a few stuff from ikea and decided not to go for the mid-night movie because it was a kind of rush. We went back to our new house thinking to go back settle some of the plant stuffs and then go to Geylang for some food.

We reached the new house and immediately started doing our stuff. I change a planting pot for my catus while he arranged his money plant. After we have completed our stuff, he clean up the cat shit. Out of sudden, he began to bang his things. He threw his wallet and car keys into the drawer, went into the master bedroom banging the door behind him. I was wondering what was happening.

After he has bathe, he announced that we have to go. I quickly pack my stuffs and went out of the house. I did not talk to him when he was still in an angry mood.

While in the car, I asked him what happen. He said that I was commenting that he could stand the cat shit for two days. He also said that he has done his best. I kept quiet and was thinking if I did make those comments. I did said that the house was smelly, well, it was really smelly. I did comment that he could really stand those smell. I did comment that the living room floor was dirty, well, it was really dirty, full of cat's fur everywhere.

I guess maybe I nagged and he dun like it. Anyway, I asked him to send me home because I am no longer interested in supper with him and his bad mood. Next time, when I go to my new house, I got to remember that I cannot make any comment regarding the condition of the house.

What do you think?

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