I was thinking...

maybe I should not sign up with any bridal shop. I like the idea to DIY the whole wedding myself.

To make thing simple, I might not go for Photo shooting if my hubby agreed. I have asked my mum and she agreed. I hope my hubby agrees too.

Without the photo shooting I have more time to look for my WG & EG. What I need is an make up artist who only need to appear twice on my wedding day (morning and evening) and a professional photographer for a whole day. I only need to pay for the photographer and DIY my own album later. This way, I save on on bouquet of flowers, one session of make up, time, money. What I gain will be all the negatives from the photos, I can redevelop them if I want to, professional photographer on my actual day and my hubby will not complain that he do not like to take photo or take up one day of his working time for photo shooting. However, there will be something disadvantage. My guests will not be able to see any wedding photo on my wedding day.

I hope my in-law will not disagreed. Ok, maybe I should start figuring out how to make my own album.

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