Today is National Day.

We have our first sit down discussion together. I mean my parents, my brother (I dunno what is he doing there), My sis and her husband and their baby, My hubby parents, my hubby auntie and one of the auntie's kid (I also dunno what is she doing there).

It is good that they sit down and talk, at least they know what my parents want and my parent know what is expected. My parents wanted everything to be simple and my hubby parents seem to have more ideas and patterns. My hubby's dad kept quiet most of the time. I think it is good that my sis family is around too. My brother-in-law did talk a bit on their own wedding.

After the whole thing, my hubby called me again. He said that his mum called him and told him that she miss out some of the things. He said that he also scolded his mum for making things difficult. He also said that our family got no problem but the problem lies on his mum. She is too excited.

Anyway, I told my hubby not to stress himself too much as these were unneccessary stress. I hope everything turns out well in the end.

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