We went to carefour today.

We did not talk much on the wedding. I showed him the list of restaurants and he looked it through. Then he handed it back to me and tell me that we need to confirm the date first.

My hubby looked stress. I asked him what happen and he said that he was stress over his work. I got a bit of doubt on this but I did not agrue over it. He did not tell me what kind of work stress too. He just keep quiet most of the time.

However, before we went out, he seems to be ok on the phonel. He told me that somebody called him and told him that he has won a pair of air ticket to Bangkok but we got to attend some seminar. He also told me that his mum is so excited over our wedding that she kept calling him asking him on details. He also did a rough calculation on our expense of our wedding. He seems ok all along until he went for his meeting.

Anyway, I have check with some people in the forum and they said that a wedding in this year December was possible. If I really want it fast, the only way is to go for an OTR gowns, which I dun mind at all.

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