I have booked the restaurant finally

I went to the restaurant with my mum and we were traped in the hotel lift. I have signed with the manager and he told me that he need two signature. I called my hubby and told him that and he questioned me why do they need two signature.

To cut the story short, this is what I have written in one forum:
Before booking that restaurant, I called so many places and they are fully booked. One restaurant even lecture me that I should have called them at least half a year ago. I went to bridal shop also kanna eye big big from them. Somemore I go to these places myself (my hubby not free). When I present these info to my hubby, he asked if I am too eager to get married. Arggggh. I actually went down to the restaurant to book it myself. The restaurant manager told me that that need two person signature and their IC. I called my hubby and told him that. Since he is too busy to go down, he questioned me why do they need two people to sign. He kept asking me to call the manager and asked him why one person sign cannot, then he ask me to ask my friend if they need two person to sign a not. I got so angry that I tell him to ask the manager himself. Yesterday, he manage to go to the restaurant and ask. The manager give him some crap answer and he accepted. We took the forms to the hotel to book our room, they also need two person to sign and our IC. He never ask why. See! I told him that I am not going to book anything anymore without him around. Yesterday I was so angry that I kept thinking why am I married to this a**h*le.

Well, I have calmed down and asked him when will he be free. He said after the chinese 7th month, he will be free. I have decided not to do anything for this period and wait until he is free before going for AD photography hunting again.

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