French Menicure

Hi gals, if you are thinking about quiting your job and start your own business, do consider starting a nail shop.

I went to Bugis today to look for a nail shop, found one and it is fully booked today. I went to Plaza Singapura, found another nail shop and was fully booked too. I dun know why all nail shop are fully book on a Friday afternoon.

It was my second time going for a menicure and I did not have to book for the first time. I felt like a mountain turtle here.

I went down to Orchard, manage to find a nail shop that accept walk-in customers. I do not want to put the shop name here because I want to comment that the nail shop was infested with ah lians. One of the ah lian was doing my pedicure when she screamed at me in broken English,"You put your leg like that, how I do?". Today then I realise one of my leg is retarded because I need to bend my whole leg for her to paint correctly. However, there is one thing good about her. She is very very fast.

After watching her do my nails, I think I know how to DIY my own french menicure.
1) File your nails, make the tip of the finger flat.
2) Clean your hands after filing.
3) Apply base coat to your nails.
4) Apply 1st coat of background colour to your nails.
5) Apply 2nd coat of background colour to your nails
6) Apply 1st coat of white strip colour to the ends of your nails.
7) Apply 1st coat of white strip colour to the ends of your nails.
8) Apply shine coat to your nails
9) Wait for your nails to dry
10) Apply nail oil to the finish nails, you are done.

I hope you know what I am talking about. By the way, I will try to DIY my own french menicure in future.

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