Mission Accomplished

I am back finally. Brought a new laptop today and got my internet connection running. So happy to be back in virtual world.

I think everything goes quite well for me, my in-law side screwed up the table arrangement because they forgot to bring the table arrangement list, all my guest kept stepping on my evening gown during the table shooting, everybody complained that the restaurant service is horrible, and best of all, my father in-law robbed us $12k worth of angbows(we only manage to get $3k).

My hubby is outside signing away. I think he is very stress. I think I am very stress too. I caught him smoking on my first day in my new house. He admitted that he has been smoking everyday, hiding from me. I called him a cheat and did not share a bed with him on the first night. I still cannot forget about it.

Frankly speaking, I really do not know how to live in the same house with him. I think he will go back to his old smoking habit, 2 packets of ciggrates per day. I felt that I am forced to accept him. I really want him to quit smoking, but is that too much to ask for?

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Anonymous said...

no, i think it is right that you should ask him to stop. my fiance smokes too and it worries me a lot. he has been smoking so long that it will be difficult but he has promised me that he will stop and i hold him to that promise, although every now and then i nudge him a little bit and tell him that i love him and need him to be with me for a long long long time to come...

chin up girl. it can be done :) we will do this together, yah?


Monkey said...

im gonna recommend you proof read some things.

All On My Own said...

I think that you marry the person that they want to be not the person that you want them to be. No one likes forced change and usually welcomes change on there own time.

I Whined said...

I am sorry about the horrible spelling mistake I made. I am quite handicapped in languages and I am not used to typing my new laptop. I will try to be careful next time.