Actually, I have some reserve on my evening gown being grey colour. I have been thinking if it will turn out nice and will people accepted my evening gown to be in grey colour. However, last night I got a dream. I saw myself wearing the grey colour evening gown to the exact design that I have told my designer. It was awesome. Today, I have more confidence. I think I want my evening gown to remain as grey.

I think for the evening gown, I am still blaming myself for overspending on it. However, I dun think I will change my designer mind on what I wanted. I am very bad and kept telling myself that my hubby will be the one paying for it, I felt so bad about it.

I have read that other people evening gown were costing them only $350. Comparing to mine which cost $2300, I think I really have overspend on my evening gown. I think I will changed into my evening gown almost immediately after the first dish. I wanted to display it as much as possible. I wanted to take as much pictures as possible making it worth.

I just sit down and talk to my mum on some of the details of my wedding. I also updated my to do list for each month. The thing that I have not come out with is the helper list, actual day events list, and the table sitting list. I think I will put a link here in this blog for people to download my list if they wanted to use them.

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