I was kind of sad yesterday

because one of my cat urine at the main door. As I clean up the place before leaving, my hubby was watching me and asking me which one did it. After I have clean up the place and we were about to leave the house, my hubby wear his dirty shoe inside the house dirting the spot where I just clean up. I almost scream at him and you know what he said? He said well the floor is wet that is why his shoes make the dirty marks on the floor!

The reasons he gave me seem like it is not his fault that he dirty the floor. It is the fault of the floor being wet. He do not make any effort in keeping the house clean. The reason he always gave is that he was always too busy or tired from work. It seems that it is my duty to do all the cleaning in the house.

I kept quiet on my way back. I dun feel like getting married to this person anymore. It is funny why I feel like cooking for him in the evening and suddenly I dun feel like talking to him at night. I knew he can feel that I am angry and was feeling sad, but he do nothing.

I cannot sleep at night. I being to fear for the days staying with him. I will be his full time free maid and he will bear no respect for me.

I hope I am thinking too much.

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