Yesterday, my brother in-law

sended me some of his excel files he used during his wedding. It was very detail and was very helpful. It also makes me nervous.

The list include the programme for the wedding day, guest list, things to do, things to pack, helpers list, vehicles arrangement, etc.

I think we are going to do a lot of things last minute. There are a lot of things that I cannot decided for myself and I need to discuss with my in-law and with my hubby. However I got a super busy hubby, I dunno how am I going to handle all those stuffs or will he care at all. I was thinking about it last night and was not able to fall asleep again.

Well, I think I just have to let things be, I just hope that when the last minutes arrive, my hubby will be more kan cheong than me. I am getting tired of being the one that remind him all the time.

By the way, our restaurant remind us two weeks ago that we got to fill in the invitation card form so that they can print our invitation card. Our co-ordinator actually gave us two weeks to do it. Till today, my hubby has not got his parent's chinese name yet. If our restaurant decided not to print our wedding cards, I will ask my hubby to fork out his own money and find his own printer. I am not going to care.

I can understand why my friend complained to me that she quarrel with her hubby almost everyday since they decided to get married. It is always the gals that do the homework and tried to complete each task on time. The guys will just sit there and laugh at us for being kan cheong. I am so sick of the guys.

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