I have signed up with Tan Yoong

and left his shop feeling a hole burned in my pocket. He charged me $1880 for an evening gown and with the design I wanted, the gown will be $2300. It is more expensive than the prices he first give me when I first visited him. I have no choice because I have already make the decision to sign up with him. My hubby called me after I left the shop. I told him that I have exceed our budget and quickly told him I will pay the excess. I am heart broken with the money.

Well, I got my nice gown...

Actually I got a good deal for my wedding gown. Usually, bridal shops will charge a make-to-measure price for a piece of off-the-rack gown if nobody except a model wear that before. However, I think since the gown I have selected is left on the shelves for almost one and a half year, Shirey charged me only $700.

Come to think of it, I will have to try to sell my evening gown at $1300 if I want to keep my budget. I dunno if ebay is a better place to get a better price a not. I have to check if gowns in US were more expensive than those in Singapore.

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