I have brought my mum to spotlight today

because I wanted her to see the type of sleep wear I wanted. I dunno where the tradition comes from but I need to wear a new sleep wear during the make up session during the actual day. This sleep wear will have to be from my mum to me as a gift. I remember the ugly sleep wear my sis used to wear in her wedding. This time I wanted to let my mum know exactly what I wanted.

I wanted a satin sleep wear with cats print on it. It must be a 2 piece wear too. My mum thinks that I am crazy. I wanted her to sew it for me as a gift but she wanted to just buy it for me. I brought her to spotlight in Tampines today and found the exact print that I want. I was screaming with joy. However my mum still insist that she do not want to sew, she wants to buy one for me. She also said that the fabric in spotlight is too expensive to even consider about it. I was so sad.

My mum told me that Bugis might have what I want. I ofter that I will buy the material and she do the sewing. She is still not interested. I guess I will have to just accept any sleep wear she give to me and dump it into the store room after that (I dun use sleep wear). I do not wish to fight with her over a sleep wear.

Come to think of it, maybe I can just buy the material and get somebody to sew for me outside.

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