I feel so guilty that I did not post for a long time.

Quite a few things happened. Have I written that I booked my restaurant? I think I have.

I have visited Flamingo, found a nice gown and verbally confirm that Shirey will be making my WG & EG. She quoted me $1000 for the rental of the WG and $800 for making a new EG.

I have also went to Chris Ling with my friends, Kelvin introduce John Lim AD package to me. It is a 30 pages album in forgotten what size, with all the collages and all photos return. The price is $1980.

Then I saw their promotion on the website, $1200 for photo shooting by Chris Ling and Kelvin. I dun know what do they mean by Kelvin and Chris Ling, both of them do the shooting or a typo error?

Anyway, I think I will go down to their studio again maybe on Friday.

I will be going down to Tan Yoong tomorrow and check out some OTR gowns or EG, and their prices too.

Oh, I have visited Poppy, first visit, Linda assistance quote me $250 for the deco of the wedding car. Second visit, Linda quote me min $350. I think I will use them for the deco of the wedding car.

I think I will DIY my own hand flowers.

Make up Artist: I still dunno should I let Shirey do the make up a not. If I will to engage one, it will mean that the MUA will have to do my photoshooting if I have one, day and night during the AD, and a trial. I think it is going to be expensive.

Another question will be, if I found my EG in Tan Yoong or I let him do, can I just ask Shirey to do my make up and rent a WG from her? I dunno if she agrees a not.

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