Sunday dinner

My hubby called.
Him:"My mum wants you to go for dinner this coming Sunday, She wants to talk about the wedding."
Me:"Huh? about what wedding?"
Him:"Our wedding. She asked me when am I going to get married. I told her next year and she dun believe it."
Me:"I dun believe it either."
Him:"Actually, she wants it to be this year."
Me:"Well, if they are paying for the dinner, then it is only right to asked her to look for the restaurant she wants. We see if she can book the date for this year."
Him:"No, I dun think they are paying."
Me:"I thought they said they are paying?"
Him:" No, it was actually my dad who suggested we should borrow $30k from someone."
Me:"No! I am not getting married this way!"
Him:"Yah, I dun agreed to that too. After getting married, we will be in deep debt."
Me:"Then I am not going for this Sunday dinner."
Him:"We will see about that."

I dun like the idea of borrow money to get married. I am sure my parents will not let me get married if I will to borrow money to get married. If they really hard on me on Sunday, I will tell them straight that my parents will not like it.

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