I am crazy!

It is my friend first fitting today. There is nothing much to see except that you learn about the process of making a gown. There is another important thing I learn today which I dun think I will blog down in this blog with the fear one day she might come accross this blog and there end our friendship. It is just not worth it.

Anyway, I happen to saw one gown that I kind of like, which I might give it a try if I am the bride. I wish I am the bride. My hubby called me today and I complained to him that I got to accompany my friend to bridal shop again. He told me that I can just tell her that I am not free if I do not wish to go. He continue to comment about my friend which I dun like to listen to what I am hearing but inside my heart I know what he is saying is true. I tried to defend my friend but we ended up....

Anyway, he told me that he thought that I am not interested in getting married when I told him that my friend keep asking me to go to bridal shop when I cannot get married. I agreed that sometime I am not interested in getting married and I admitted that I am crazy. Yah, come to think of it, I am getting more and more crazy. I dunno what happen to me. Sometime I will be so sad why am I not getting married and when my hubby bring up the tropic I tried to avoid it. Please God, tell me what actually I wanted.

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