I am so sad

I am very sad today, but nobody knows that I am very sad. My hubby called me late afternoon and told me that he has resigned (I believe 30%) and our wedding has to be postpone again (I believe 90%). I dun know, this time when he told me this news, my heart dropped into my stomach trying to digest the news.

While I am so sad, I have got to accompany my friend to see another gown designer. I was like walking and thinking all the time and was wondering has my friend ever wonder how I feel after visiting so much bridal shop and not getting married yet. I was begining to feel that maybe starting this blogging thing on my wedding is a mistake. Preparation and research on these wedding stuff is a mistake too. All this things are giving me a fault hope.

Anyway, when we reach AM, there was a lot of people inside his tiny shop. Nobody seems to be free to serve us. In the end, my friend got to book an appointment for next week.

My friend seem to be in a dilemn on her EG. She dun seem to trust that her designer can produced what she wants. She got her own wedding problem and mine has not started yet.

Suddenly, I dun feel like talking to my hubby anymore but I will still have to see him this coming Sunday for my family outing. I want to quit my wedding research and make myself engross in neopets and cat cross-stitch, but I still got to accompany my friend for her fitting tomorrow and next week. *sign* this is my life.

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