Look I have done some research again.

I have done a bit of research today and manage to print out a wedding planner at Female Brides Online.com. I hope this is useful. If my wedding is to be held on December this year, and lets said that the preparation has to be at least 9 months ahead, I will have to book my venue by March! and it is a month behind!

I have always love CL photography and I have put aside $2k for extra photos. Actually I have been thinking should I ala carte my wedding so that I can have the perfect EG, WG & photography. I understand from the forum that it is actually more expensive to do that. However I will like to know how much more actually I got to pay and if I rent OTR gowns will it be cheaper. If there is no such thing as OTR for rent, maybe I could sell the gown after the wedding and get back my money.

Although I am hoping to get a OTR gown, I do not want a simple design gown like what I found at AC. I found these two today and I think I will book an appointment with TY and have a look at his gowns.

I like the waves and the sparkers on the gowns.

The top look very nice but the bottom might look plain. I dun want my gown to look plain (top & bottom). This picture actually reminded me of the earth faerie in neopet. I was wondering how the whole thing will look like if you have the top of this gown and the bottom of the gown in the first picture.

*cough cough* My hubby did not mention anything on the wedding again.