I was so emotional just now.

Stupid blogger! The site was down when I needed you the most.

Well, I am not so emotional now, sort of calm down a little. It happen when I went out with my hubby. My feelings are like a roller coaster. At first, I was not too happy with him. We kept quiet all the time and he complain about me very now and then. We did not catch the spiderman movie because only the first row is available.

After that, I wanted to go home but instead we went round looking for a pool table. At that time, he was more chattly and he told me that he has lost his OCBC card in a ATM machine. He did not complain anything on me. We have an enjoyable pool game until the shop closed and chased us out.

He send me home but he did not send me up to my house. I actually requested him not to because the last time we quarrel all the way up to my floor and he knock his foot on the lift door. Deep inside my heart I was hoping that he will insist because that was 3am in the morning. I was hoping that he will be concern about my safety but he did not. He only requested me to give him a call when I reach upstair.

My heart dropped to my stomach and I was crying inside my stomach. I was thinking that maybe we should not be getting married afterall because our relationship is getting from bad to worest. We did not even hold hands or walk together all these while. I feel that we have lost the feeling we used to have. Marriage to me an additional task for me now. After marriage, what I could only think of is that washing his clothes, ironing them and keeping the house clean, bearing his children becomes my responsibilities. None of the things mentioned above is of my liking.

Maybe we should sell out house, spilt the money and stay on our own. Maybe one day, I should talk to him on this.

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