I put my excel file on my hubby desktop

and told him not to ask me anymore how much do we need for a wedding. I told him it really depend on how you want to do it. He just need to change the figures on the excel file and it will tell him straight away how much he needs.

I told him too that I do not wish to hold a wedding dinner, even a cheap one because it cost money. Besides that, he will also have to fork out a sum and give to my parents just because of a dinner. I told him that just saving a sum of 10k is very hard on us and we should not be spend all of it in just one day. Although getting married in something which you do once in your life time, but it is not worth the price if after the whole event you got to pay through your ass. If u got a baby accidently after your wedding, you will not have to declare bankrupty. You could use the money in a wiser way. My hubby agreed that we will not have a wedding dinner.

Deep inside my heart, I feel that althought money is not our constraint anymore, I will not be getting married any sooner. I feel that my hubby seems to be happy that we stay this way (not staying together). I felt that he is kind of afraid I will blamed him for leaving me in the house, not accompany me enough time in the house, me nagging at him for not doing the housework (I quit nagging at him because I am not the one in the house). I feel that he is also afraid to go through the procedure of preparing the wedding itself (so am I).

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