I think I make a mistake today.

I asked my mum how much pin jin did my brother in-law give to her and how much table money was given.

She answered 888 for pin jin and 7000 for table money, then she went on telling me about the rest of the stuffs like roast pig lah, she did not accept lah, gou da li lah, what they give lah, blah blah blah.

I stopped her and asked her if she return any of the table money or pin jin to my sister. BANG! the stress started right here. She told me she did not and continue explaining that she did not ask for this and that that is why she did not return. Then she tell me that it is not a custom to return, her what and what accepted how much and did not return, my sister in-laws did not said to return, blah blah blah.

I did not said anything throughout the whole thing. I just want to know roughly how much I need to spend for my wedding and she went on as if I am going to fight back.

She makes me sit at the dinner table to listen more of her stories. I feel like crying, I dun know what the hell I wanted to cry for but I feel extreme stress at this point.

I went back to my room to do some calculations. It turn out that I need at least 30k for a damn wedding. Suddenly my mum scream from the kitchen and asked me if I am angry with her.

Of course I am not angry with her, I angry with her for what? I am feeling stress! I feel stress whenever the topic of wedding comes up!

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