Marriage license requirements for 50 US States.

What Makes Our Marriage Legal ?

Every state in the United States requires a license to legalize Marriage. You cannot get married without it. We'll tell you how to get that license in a minute. But follow the way this works...So you have your license. Now you get married. After the ceremony, both spouses and the Officient sign the marriage license (some states require a witness). The Officient then files for a certified copy of the marriage license and a marriage certificate. Often we get email asking the difference between the Marriage License and a Marriage Certificate. The marriage certificate is more of a keepsake. You will receive an original of both the certified license and the marriage certificate. This can take anywhere from to two weeks to a months time. Ask for a few extra copies of the marriage license (there is an extra fee) because whomever decides to change his/her name, must provide an original copy for official name changes with your Social Security and Driver's license.

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