My fate *sign*

My hubby asked me if I am interested in the tallest HDB flats in cantonment. I dunno know if I am interested a not, but I told him that since we have already got our flat, I dun think they will allow us to apply for a unit within five years. However the TOP of the flat is around 2010. I still dun think that we can apply for another one because at the point of application, our five years is not up yet.

Anyway, I told him that I have not even live and get to enjoy my own design in my own new house yet. I also told him that if I will to die tomorrow, my greatest regret will be not having to stay in my own house that I designed three years ago. He told me that if I want to stay, I can just moved in anytime I want but I chose not to. It was not that I chose not to, it is because we have not go through our customary marriage yet and my parents will not allow us to stay together. He is making things difficult for me and he told me I cannot put the blame on him for this. I am very sad. Maybe I should really look for another husband.

I dun want to talk about this anymore. Everytime, I talk about this, I will cry.

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Waant to tewll you..