Dinner on Saturday

We went to my hubby's grandmother place for dinner. Soon my hubby mum, his mum sisters and in-laws gather around us. They throw out the topics on our wedding. My mother in-law asked me how many tables does my mother wants and wants me to check with them. My ah yi in-laws said they will all wear cho sum on my wedding day and tell me to let them know when is the day so that they could get their cho sum make in time.

My hubby disappeared suddenly. I am left alone to defend myself. Another in-laws said that it is better to get married this year and everybody agreed. I said that it is immpossible to book a restuarant now. They started to give example of who and who prepare their wedding in such short time and who and who book which restuarant. (where is my stupid hubby?)

After the whole damn dinner, I question my hubby where is he hiding? He show a guilty face and explained that his uncle was talking to him and he was unable to leave the conversation. I told him that I am not going to any of his relative function anymore.

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