Vows in Your Wedding Ring

I have only the dates of our ROM in our wedding rings. My parents had both their names in their. It was unusual and cool to have your wedding vows in your wedding rings. It helps to remind each other the commitments made on your wedding day.

Anyway, here is the site that offer to engrave your wedding vows on your wedding ring. They even have a big list of vows you can choose from or custom your own vows on your only rings.


Wedding Vows said...

hey that is really interesting, put the vow on the ring, wow... remember it all the time the promises on that day.

Lisa said...

You didn't mention in your blog that you have to buy the ring from them. At first I thought I would be able to send in my husband's wedding band to have it engraved on the inside. It's an interesting concept, but maybe a little extravagent and expensive. I prefer to think the ring on the finger is what matters and makes them remember they are married. I got my husband's band at http://www.ringcartel.com. They have great tungsten rings which I loved the symbolism of since the metal is one of the strongest, most durable in the world- even stronger than titanium and it never needs to be polished!

Wedding planning said...

Wow! That very cool....sounds great