I was banned from a wedding dinner

I received an invitation to a wedding dinner two months ago. My auntie has left an invitation card for me & my husband at my mom's place. I was busy on that day and did not get to meet her family.

She called my mom this month asking if she should come down personally to my place to invite me to her daughter's wedding. Upon hearing that I am now in my 9th month pregnancy, she told my mom that she will cancel my name and my husband from her list of guest. She did not even ask if I will like to attend her daughter's wedding.

Well, the good thing is that I can save up some angbow money. Anyway, during my wedding, she brought her whole family (5 person) and did not even give me a red packet. She and her whole family eat for free at my wedding and she even show off her future "master degree" son in-law.


Anonymous said...

Hey gal, chin up... i can tell that from the tone of your blog, you are a gentle matured person. May you be blessed, well and happy.

Jeevan K Augustin said...

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Jeevan K Augustin said...

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