Wedding in December

My husband's younger brother is going to hold a wedding this coming December. At first, my mother in-law told my husband that she got no money to buy gold for her future daughter in-law. My husband sugguested that she take my wedding gold and pass them to her. My mother in-law disagreed.

My mother in-law kept calling my husband, now asking my husband to give her $2000 to buy gold for her daughter in-law. My husband is still very much in debt and now we got to think about our coming baby. $2000 is a lot to us. I did not say much about this matter, I only told my husband that the mother is his and the money is also his. He will decide what to do because no matter how loud I whine, things will not change.

Recently, my husband receive a cheque from his client after completing one of his project. My father in-law happen to know about this cheque. Now he is asking my husband to take out $10,000 for his brother wedding. He said he needs the money to buy gold and red packets. F*&%$%, what has my husband got to do with his brother wedding?

Today, my husband complained to me that now his father is asking for $20,000 instead of $10,000. I said nothing and I am glad that my own parents do not do this type of things to me.

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